Mag. Iris Augendoppler & Dr. Erich Gemeiner

Law Office Vienna - Justitia

Patent & Trademark Law Lawyer


All commercial property rights have in common, that they protect intellectual property rights as not embodied goods such as ideas (concepts), inventions, procedures or forms. Our objective is the protection of your intellectual property.

Trademark, Design Protection & Patent Law

From the very first step our office competently advises you how to protect your trademark or if the desired signs (name, logo, word-/image trademark) are protectable. We carry out trademark researches, register your trademarks worldwide and represent you in court in case of trademark violations.

UWG (unfair competition) – Intellectual Property Protection

With the law against unfair competition (UWG) the legislator created regulations to stop and fight against unfair competition.

We support individuals and competitors in cases of competition violations. In a number of cases our clients have the direct right to institute proceedings and claim for compensation, lost profit and omission.