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Our Philosophy

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Our years of national and international, experience and networking with other lawfirms and experts provide the basement for a focused and professional cooperation and collaboration.

Because of our experience and access to all media we exactly know how to control media reports to ensure objectivity towards our clients and issues.

The interests of our clients are the focus of our concern.

With this in mind we demonstrate our assertiveness in front of all courts, authorities and contracting parties.

We face new challenges with open-mindness. As a matter of course our team is not satisfied with standard solutions but rather offers exceptional strategies.

Due to our legal representation in minor as well as major highly publicised cases, journalists and press representatives repeatedly ask us for statements. Media coverage can be a journey or a gift, contacts or access to information.

We guarantee transparent and individual fee agreements agreed on with our clients individually.


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Courage to go deep

Mag. Iris Augendoppler and Dr. Erich Gemeiner are independent lawyers in permanent cooperation based in Vienna. Our united advisory profile covers the fields of criminal law, international citizenships and residence permissions, contract law, competition- and intellectual property law, business law, litigation, property- and tenancy law.

Due to the fact, that we are valued by our clients not only for our excellent international network, but also for our discreet and reputable consulting methods in sensitive fields, there are HNWI and PEPs among our clients as well.

We are in permanent cooperation with national and international colleagues and other experts, notably tax consultants, media consultants, management consultants, compliance- and private investigation companies as well as public relations specialists.

Moreover we have excellent political connections within Europe.